Annual Maintenance Plans and Their Benefits

March 6, 2013

Proper maintenance is essential to the strength and reliability of your home HVAC system, and the best way to protect its performance is to sign up for an annual maintenance plan. HVAC professionals recommend having your heating system serviced in the early autumn, before cold weather onset, and your cooling system tuned up in the spring, in advance of summer’s dog days.

Annual maintenance plans are affordable investments that offer major benefits to homeowners. Their benefits include:

  • Improved system efficiency. A tuned-up system works more efficiently, generating more heating and cooling power with less energy input. Not only does this reduce strain on your system’s working parts, helping prevent system failures and mechanical breakdowns, but it will also help to keep your home energy costs in check—year in and year out.
  • Extended equipment life. Just as you can expect a longer life from your car if you take good care of it, regular maintenance extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment. Given that air conditioners and heat pumps are among the most expensive appliances in your home, signing up for an annual service contract is a wise investment that can save you a lot of money down the road.
  • Early detection of potential problems. Annual maintenance tasks are performed by seasoned and licensed HVAC technicians, who can spot potential problems before they become emergency repairs. These unexpected repairs often require costly replacements or upgrades. By nipping such issues in the bud, you can save yourself money and inconvenience.
  • Boosted indoor air quality. A well-maintained system facilitates better indoor air quality by ensuring your filters are always clean—and reducing the volume of air pollutants circulated through your home’s ductwork.

At Harrell King Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer Crown Savings Memberships for your home heating and air conditioning systems that will help you enjoy consistently strong performance, improved indoor air quality, and the extended life of your HVAC equipment. If you would like to learn more or inquire about modest plan rates, please contact one of our customer care experts today!

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