Blown-In Insulation in Southwest Georgia

When looking to save that extra bit of money each year, why not consider fortifying the insulation in your home? A large portion of your annual budget is consumed by your energy bills and oftentimes at an unnecessary rate. A great way to stretch that budget a little farther is to re-evaluate the condition of the insulation in some of the forgotten spaces of your home. 

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Insulation Benefits You Can Count On

Blown-in insulation, also referred to as “blown” insulation, is a great solution for unfinished attics and spaces that are generally difficult to reach. While the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that attic spaces be insulated to R-49 or higher, they estimate that most attics actually have an R-20 or lower insulation rate. Blown-in insulation helps to evenly insulate the gaps where thermal energy can be lost. 

Here are some other great benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation for immediate benefits
  • Adds a layer of soundproofing material
  • Saves energy by creating a thermal barrier
  • Many options contain recycled materials
  • Fire and moisture resistance
  • Can be added to existing insulation if in good-condition

When it’s time to revamp the insulation in your home, Harrell King Heating & Air has you covered! Our expert insulation installers will have your home thermally optimized in no time! Call us today at 229-243-8040 to schedule your service or contact us online.

Cost-Effective Blown-In Insulation Solutions

Air leaks and gaps in thermal coverage in key spaces like your attic can account for a decent percentage of wasted household energy. Insulation specialists recommend sealing these leak points and ensuring that your home has full-coverage insulation in these areas. By taking these measures, it’s estimated that you can decrease heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%! Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

Blown-in insulation is one of the most cost-effective methods of insulating any space. Plus, the installation is a breeze compared to other methods, such as fiberglass batting. You could have your space fully insulated and be reaping the benefits in half the time!

Common Materials for Blown-In Insulation

The two most common materials used by insulation installers are fiberglass blown insulation and blown cellulose. Both materials have a similar R-value and a fluffy consistency, which is great for insulating small, difficult-to-reach places. 

The loose fibers are shredded and blown through a machine outside of the home and fed through a long tube. Our insulation installation specialist will be inside the space that you are looking to insulate, carefully directing the flow of materials for an even distribution.

Get an Estimate on Your Blown-In Insulation in Thomasville, GA & Surrounding Areas

There has never been a better time to rejuvenate the insulation in your Southwest Georgia home. The insulation specialists at Harrell King Heating & Air have been satisfying the comfort needs of Thomasville, GA, and the surrounding areas for over three decades.

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How long does blown-in insulation last?

Fiberglass insulation is among the most durable and can last up to 100 years, while blown-in insulation will last 20 to 30 years. Made from recycled materials and given its low moisture resistance, let a technician check it every 15 years for damage or degradation.


What does R-value mean?

Contractors measure R-values in inches based on the thickness of the insulation. It determines how much insulation can resist the flow of heat. With higher R-values, expect better insulation, but R-values can vary depending on your geographic region. For example, the best R-value for insulation in Georgia is R-50, while R-49 is the ENERGY STAR recommendation, and utility companies start paying the incentive when upgrading your insulation to R-49 or higher.


How do I know if I need to check my insulation?

Signs it’s time to check your insulation include if you feel more drafts or your energy bill increases. Other signs include rooms with uneven temperatures, cold floors, or pipes that keep freezing.

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