Whole-Home Surge Protection in Bainbridge, GA

On average, today’s home will experience over 300 damaging electrical surges every single year. If your home is not properly protected, your electronics are at risk. Imagine losing your computer, damaging your TV, and hurting your air conditioning system, all from one unexpected surgery.

Whole-house surge protection is a simple and effective way to protect your home from this risk, and Harrell King Heating & Air can help you protect your home with one. If you want to ensure your home is protected from all potential surges, trust our experienced team for help.

Contact Harrell King Heating & Air to discuss whole-house surge protection. You can call us at 229-243-8040 or reach out to us online. As Southwest Georgia’s premier HVAC team, we want you to have the right protection, so call today.


Why You Need Surge Protection

Your home is filled with valuable electronic equipment and devices. From your refrigerator to your entertainment system, all of these are sensitive to surges. Surges come without warning, and most Southwest Georgia homes have virtually no protection.

You may be thinking that you are the exception. Lighting strikes happen 100 times per second all around the world. Every day, 8 million lighting strikes occur, many of them in Southwest Georgia. You are not immune to this risk. Yet lightning is just one cause of dangerous surges. Many of the surges come from items inside your home, such as:

  • Refrigerator motor
  • AC condenser
  • Pumps
  • Washer and dryer motors
  • Dishwasher motors

When these motors and devices malfunction, it can send a surge through your home, disrupting your electronics and causing costly problems.

Your home and its contents are worth protecting, and Harrell King Heating & Air can help you protect it. For whole-house surge protection in Southwest Georgia, call Harrell King at 229-243-8040.


Protection from All Types of Surges

Surge protectors work by moving a surge to a ground, protecting your home and its contents. Professional installation is critical, because it ensure a good ground is in place to properly divert the surge. When installed properly, your whole-house surge protector gives protection from all types of surges. This includes:

  • Incoming surges, such as from the electrical supply
  • Bounce surges from an inrush current
  • Surges from appliances and devices within your home
  • Outdoor moisture conduction from lightning strikes near your home
  • Lightning strikes on your home

As you can see, there are many opportunities for your home to be damaged. How much would a surge cost you? You can avoid this risk with a whole-house surge protector.

Don’t put your home at risk. Reach out to Harrell King Heating & Air now to talk about whole-house surge protection.


Ensure the Proper Protection for Your Southwest Georgia Home with Harrell King Heating & Air

Harrell King Heating & Air believes that your home is worth protecting. If you do not have a whole-house surge protector, your home is at risk. We can fix this for you. Let our experienced team give you the protection you need with a whole-house surge protector.

Schedule a consultation to discuss whole-house surge protection. You can reach out online or call us now at 229-243-8040.

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