Heat Pump Repair in Bainbridge, GA & Surrounding Areas

Once you experience the unparalleled comfort and convenience of a heat pump, nothing else will compare. But what if your heat pump breaks down or malfunctions in the middle of heating or cooling season? Harrell King Heating & Air is available around the clock for all your HVAC needs, including 24/7 emergency heat pump repair services.

Call us at 229-243-8040 for professional, efficient repair services throughout southwest Georgia, or contact us online and let us know how we can help!


Warning Signs You Needs Heat Pump Repair

Routine annual maintenance can help prevent most major concerns, but you may still encounter issues now and then. If you experience any of the following be sure to call Harrell King right away for professional heat pump repair:

  • Reduced efficiency. One of the biggest advantages of owning a heat pump is how efficient they are in comparison to traditional heating and cooling equipment. If you notice an unusual rise in energy costs, call Harrell King Heating & Air for service.
  • Poor airflow. Reduced airflow from your supply vents is an indication there may be a problem with the air handler, which houses the blower responsible for delivering conditioned air. It may also be the result of a dirty air filter, which should be changed or cleaned every four to six weeks, during peak heating or cooling season.
  • Strange noises. While your heat pump does emit a certain degree of noise, unusual sounds such as clicking, clanking, banging, whistling, or grinding require immediate attention in order to avoid further damage or system failure.
  • Ice buildup. The accumulation of ice along the indoor coil during cooling season, or the outdoor coil during heating season, is a sign of low refrigerant, most likely due to a leak. Ice may also build up if either coil is excessively dirty, preventing it from absorbing heat. Both scenarios require professional evaluation and repair to resolve the issue.
  • Your pump won’t switch modes. Your heat pump is designed to switch from heating to cooling mode easily, but if it won’t change modes, there may be a number of issues at play. While the most likely concern is a malfunctioning reversing valve, the problem may also be with your thermostat.

Contact us for heat pump repair at the first signs of trouble. Issues with your heat pump will not fix themselves, and the longer you leave them, the greater the risk of more costly and extensive damage to your equipment.


Heat Pump Repair Company in Bainbridge & Thomasville, GA

Each of our technicians is experienced and receives ongoing training to further their knowledge in the field of heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance.

When you call Harrell King Heating & Air for heat pump repair, you’ll receive prompt, courteous, professional service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our skilled technicians will arrive on time at your home in a well-maintained, fully stocked vehicle, and in uniform for easy identification.

For heat pump repair throughout southwest Georgia including Bainbridge and Thomasville, call 229-243-8040, or contact us online using our detailed form, and let us know how we can help.


Heat Pump Repair FAQs

When should I replace my heat pump?

Most heat pumps last between 10 to 15 years. However, it could be sooner if your system isn’t regularly maintained. When the unit nears that age range, or when major components such as your compressor, accumulator, coil, or reversing valve fail, it is usually a more cost-effective choice to replace your heat pump rather than repair the system.

Do I need to put a cover over my heat pump?

Many people put covers over their outdoor unit to protect it from snow, ice, branches, etc. However, doing this can decrease performance and may damage the system, which may mean increased repair bills.

The best way to protect your heat pump is to stay on top of regular maintenance.

How do I know my heat pump needs repairs?

Unlike vehicles, you will not see a warning light on most heat pump systems. Instead, you have to pay attention to the signs the unit is giving off. Listen for excessive noise, as this is a telltale sign that the system isn’t functioning properly. Also, pay attention to system short-cycling, which is when the unit is turning on, operating for a short period of time, and then shutting off.

Less obvious signs include increased utility bills and reduced heating/cooling capacity. Both can indicate the system needs professional service.

Why isn’t my blower working properly?

Blowers can falter when the thermostat stops working or when the limit switch malfunctions. These are the most common reasons, and it may require repairing or replacing the thermostat or replacing the limit switch to resolve the issue.

What should I do if my heat pump is frozen?

Heat pumps are known to freeze up in cold weather, and it is usually not a reason to panic. They freeze up as ice builds on the outdoor unit. The defrost mode should kick on to clear the ice when this happens.

If it doesn’t, the unit may be low on refrigerant, the outdoor coil is dirty, or the defrost control is malfunctioning, all of which require professional repair.

Do you have more questions about heat pumps in Bainbridge or Thomasville, GA? Contact the team at Harrell King, and we will be happy to schedule a heat pump repair appointment with one of our trained, certified, and fully licensed HVAC specialists. 

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