Thermostats: Making the Right Choice

January 11, 2015

When it comes time to consider buying a new thermostat, we know that our customers can get overwhelmed by the myriad choices available. It can be difficult to sort out what is necessary from what is simply cool and interesting, with all the gadgets that the higher-end thermostats have. At Harrell King Heating & Air, we want our customers to make an educated decision that will improve their lives. As such, we inform homeowners about the most important features thermostats have to offer.

Basic Needs

Fundamentally, everyone with an HVAC system needs a thermostat. It could be manual or programmable. Ultimately, all that is absolutely necessary is the ability to set a temperature at which the cooling or heating equipment to turn on. Beyond that, we recommend that our customers consider purchasing, at minimum, a basic programmable thermostat for residential air conditioning in Bainbridge, Ga. Programmable thermostats take a lot of guesswork about efficiently turning on their HVAC system. They also make it easier to keep the home comfortable on homeowners’ variable schedules.

Additional Features

After the least expensive models of programmable thermostats, the sky is the limit. We encourage homeowners to really consider what they want and need out of their thermostats. Some families are extremely busy, with schedules that vary every single day. They may require programming that can change depending on the day of the week. Others want extra features that allow them to assess their energy usage and take steps to improve efficiency. Higher-end models, some known as “smart thermostats,” connect to Wi-Fi. Owners may use a computer, smart phone or tablet application to look at their overall energy usage and change settings remotely. Anything that makes customers have an easier time using their thermostats will have a benefit. But, considering that the most expensive models may cost as much as four times the starting price of basic thermostats, we suggest that customers research features of various thermostats and select the one that provides what they need most, at a price they can afford.

We at Harrell King Heating & Air provide services for the life of our customers’ HVAC equipment. This includes helping them to pick a thermostat that suits their lifestyle and needs. By understanding the basics of thermostats and taking a hard look at what is really important, customers make a better choice that will fit their budget and improve their HVAC efficiency.

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