Three Decades Later… We’re Giving Stuff Away

August 1, 2013

From cell phones to the Internet, a lot has changed over the last 30 years. One thing that hasn’t, though, is Harrell King’s commitment to excellence. We’re “The King” of industry innovation, old-school values, and client-centered service—and we’re celebrating our 30-year anniversary in a big way! Two lucky customers will receive free air conditioners when they enter our anniversary giveaway contest. Click here to enter, and “LIKE” our Facebook page to follow giveaway updates!


Harrell King Delivers Advanced HVAC Technologies that Enhance Comfort & Save Energy

Honeywell has long been one of the HVAC industry’s leading brand names, and the company enjoys an excellent reputation for importing the latest technologies in its reliable and affordable product lines. Two of the company’s newest offerings include the patented RedLINK wireless home climate control system and the Prestige thermostat. Both are excellent examples of Honeywell’s innovative approach to home comfort.

The RedLINK Wireless System

Honeywell’s RedLINK wireless home comfort technologies allow you to remotely monitor your HVAC settings over Internet-connected devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. You can access and alter program settings from anywhere, at any time, and receive automatic alerts and system upgrades. RedLINK technologies are also compatible with zoning systems, so you can enjoy pinpoint control over specific areas of your home.

In addition, RedLINK technologies provide detailed information about indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity conditions. This allows you to make informed decisions quickly and easily. There are no monthly membership fees, and you can get started right away by downloading free apps that create a direct link between your Internet-connected devices and your HVAC system.

The Honeywell Prestige Thermostat

Honeywell’s Prestige line of programmable thermostats helps homeowners enjoy major savings on heating and cooling costs. Compatible with the company’s RedLINK technology, Prestige thermostats let you create daily heating and cooling schedules that let you optimize comfort and indoor air quality while minimizing costs. Combined with other advanced HVAC technologies, including variable-speed air handlers, inverter compressors and dual-stage compressors, these technologies offer enormous potential for energy savings!

Trust Harrell King for Your Home Comfort Needs!

As a leading provider of residential and commercial HVAC services in Southwestern Georgia, The King takes great pride in offering customers the latest and best home comfort technologies. Our in-house experts carefully select products that reflect our commitment to innovation, reliability and value, and we would love to introduce you to the advantages of Honeywell’s RedLINK wireless systems and Prestige thermostats.

To learn more about these systems and products, or request service for your home comfort concern, contact us the Harrell King team today!


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