Save $ Monthly with High-Efficiency HVAC Replacement

February 19, 2013

While regular HVAC maintenance is key to preserving safety, indoor climate and equipment longevity, there comes a time when even the most meticulously maintained systems should be replaced.

Here are some signs that you may need to replace your HVAC system:

  • Your heating or cooling system is over 10 years old. According to ENERGY STAR, up to 50% of your home’s monthly energy goes toward heating and cooling costs. With today’s energy efficient HVAC equipment, some customers have been saving well over $500 annually!
  • Your Southwest GA heating and cooling system is no longer keeping you comfortable. You find yourself adjusting the thermostat and paying more for energy with each passing year.
  • Heating and cooling bills are beginning to increase. You compare recent bills to previous ones and notice that monthly costs are growing while cost-per-unit remains the same. (Note: A qualified Georgia HVAC contractor can help you determine the source of ongoing energy loss. In some cases, a simple ductwork or equipment repair may restore your HVAC system to a more energy-efficient status.)
  • Repair costs have increased. Your heating system or air conditioner is nickel-and-diming you, and a new system is looking like a worthwhile investment. After all, why spend money on an aging, inefficient system when a new unit could keep you more comfortable AND lower utility bills?
  • You are renovating your home. A major home remodel may add square footage to your space, so a new system may be required to keep up with your heating and cooling needs. In addition, if your house is already going to be “under construction,” it may be wise to trade-out your aging HVAC system at the same time.  
  • You are planning to sell your home. Ask your realtor about what type of investment return you would get from replacing an old HVAC unit. In some cases, the return is significant—and you’ll enjoy improved, more affordable comfort in the meantime.


Proper Installation is Key

If you recently purchased a new HVAC system but are not realizing the energy savings you had hoped for, it may be improperly installed. Poor installation can significantly reduce your heating and cooling efficiency (up to 30 percent, according to ENERGY STAR), and could also compromise the integrity and lifespan of your heat pump or AC system. Trust our team to complete your new HVAC system installation safely, efficiently and affordably.

The best way to decide whether it’s time to buy a new home climate system is to request a no-obligation consultation with a reputable Southwest Georgia HVAC company. To learn more about Harrell King’s product and installation pricing, or to request a formal quote for your replacement heat pump or air conditioner, Ring the King at 248-KING today, or email our certified technicians to request an estimate.

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