Why Is My House Hot When the AC Is On?

In an area like Bainbridge, GA, where summer heat and humidity can be stifling, air conditioning provides homeowners much-needed relief from the elements. The best way to ensure the continuous and safe operation of your cooling equipment is with annual preventive maintenance, but even a well-maintained air conditioner can have occasional problems. While every issue requires addressing to prevent further damage, a lack of cold air is an immediate cause for concern.

So, why is your house hot if the air conditioner is running? There are a number of reasons your house may remain hot even when the air conditioner is on, some of which are an easy fix for the homeowner and others that require professional service.


Common Causes of a Lack of Cool Air

Check these common causes of a lack of cool air before calling for service:

Restricted Airflow

Your central air conditioning system is composed of two main components: the inside compressor unit and the outdoor condenser. Both elements work together to cool your home, and both require unrestricted airflow to the outdoor condenser coil in order to be effective. A reduction in airflow is typically attributed to one of the following:

  • A dirty air filter. When changed or cleaned on a regular basis, your air filter traps minute particles such as dirt, dust, or allergens while allowing clean air to circulate throughout your HVAC system. A clogged or dirty air filter prevents air from passing freely while allowing particles to continue on their way, further damaging system components. Change your filter every four to six weeks during peak cooling season.
  • Accumulation of debris. Check the area around the outdoor unit to ensure it’s free from debris and trim encroaching grass, branches, or foliage.
  • Lack of maintenance. Dirty or neglected system components prevent your air conditioner from functioning at peak performance while reducing its life span.

Loss of Power

The indoor and outdoor units run on separate sources of power, and if the outside unit should lose power, you may notice warm air coming from your vents. Check both the circuit breaker and outdoor emergency shut-off switch, and if the circuit breaker trips again, call for service.

Thermostat Settings

Double-check thermostat settings to ensure the unit is set to “Cool” rather than “Heat” and that the setpoint is several degrees lower than the current temperature in the room.

When Should You Call a Professional for AC Repair?

More complex issues require the services of a professional, including:

Inadequate Refrigerant Charge

Low refrigerant levels are indicative of a leak and must be assessed and repaired by a licensed technician.

Duct Repair

Leaky, cracked, or disconnected ductwork allows conditioned air to escape and warm air to enter, negating the efforts of your air conditioning system.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils prevent the refrigerant from picking up heat, resulting in a lower pressure and warmer conditioned air, and may lead to compressor failure.

Harrell King’s Air Conditioner Repair Services In & Around Bainbridge, Georgia

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