How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

May 25, 2018

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According to the EPA, indoor air can actually be much, much more dense with pollutants and allergens than outdoor air. And honestly, you don’t have to be particularly susceptible to allergies to notice it, do you? The dust, pollen, mold spores, and other junk that makes its way into the closed loop of our homes is hard to get rid of, and all the while it’s making it harder to breathe healthily.

Is there an effective solution? Follow along with the IAQ specialists from Harrell King Heating & Air while we detail what you can do to start breathing easier in Georgia!

Leading Indoor Air Quality Solutions

There are lots of great tools, upgrades, and treatments that can help you out. And even better, many of them are specifically tailored to dealing with specific pollutants, helping you isolate your particular problems and treating them as efficiently as possible:

  • HEPA filtration systems. Whole-home air filtration equipment is installed to work in conjunction with your ducts and HVAC system. Once installed, they’re capable of pulling pollutants of .3 microns and greater at a 99.97% effectiveness rating, meaning if dust, pollen, and mold are your problems, this is the way to go for sure.
  • Dehumidifiers. If we were being more general we would say “humidity control systems,” but since we’re in Georgia we pretty much always want to get rid of it, not add more! The human body prefers a relative humidity range of 35-50%—this is where we feel most comfortable, and where our allergies tend to be the tamest. Unfortunately, your typical Georgia day is far higher. This is where a home dehumidifier system can be your ideal solution.
  • Electronic air purifiers. Electronic whole-home air purifiers are the latest and greatest when it comes to IAQ tech. Not only do they grab and remove dust, pollen, mold, and more, but through the power of ion attraction, they also remove pathogens and odors in the home as well. That means a drastic boost in overall home health!

Quick Air Quality-Boosting Tips

  • Change your air filter regularly. Even with a HEPA in place, for the best results, your filters should be changed out on a routine basis—every two months is a good rule of thumb. You’ll notice a difference in overall AC efficiency, too, which sweetens the deal further.
  • Start a “shoes off at the door” policy. One of your most effective lines of defense is to control the amount of gunk that gets in the first place. One of the biggest offenders is our shoes, which track all kinds of pollution in on a regular basis.
  • Clean all fabrics weekly. And we do mean all of them. Nothing holds onto air pollutants nearly as well as fabrics, meaning carpets, bedclothes, drapes, and other objects in the home become absolute hotbeds of pollution, drastically harming overall air quality in the home.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Southwest Georgia

Looking for a team of specialists to help you choose the best solutions to meet your home’s needs? Trust our certified air quality specialists to help you out! Contact us online to learn more, or feel free to call 229-243-8040 now to schedule a consultation with our service team!

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