King-Size The Turkey: How to Make This Thanksgiving the Best Ever

November 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Day: a time for family, football, and serious feasting. The hassle of traveling and traffic should be no match for the great memories and enjoyable time your family has together. But the rigors of cooking a big meal, trying to make it special, and preparing for the event can be a lot to digest.

If you’re going to be entertaining guests this Turkey Day, it doesn’t have to be a headache. There are plenty of ways to make all the trappings of the day really shine. We’ve search the web far and wide for some deliciously good ways to make this Thanksgiving your best ever. Take a look:


The Two-Biggest Keys to a Successful Thanksgiving Meal.

The two biggest components of making the Thanksgiving meal a win: Preparation and Timing. Running around last minute to get the much-needed ingredients or serving a lukewarm meal are things you simply don’t want to happen. Having a preparation plan for what’s needed for the meal, getting every item on your checklist as early as possible, and understanding what time you want the whole meal to unfold are crucial points to have mapped out.


The Meal:

The centerpiece of the day is the Thanksgiving feast and all the trimmings that come with it. Entertaining guests while cooking a sizable meal is a tall order. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to keep in mind when getting ready for the big day.

The main parts of the meal need to be done right. Choose some great recipes and get your guests talking for years to come

The Turkey:

The Sides:

Wines to pair with your meal:

Using some local produce and goodies is a great way to make the meal even better. Here are some places to get your hands on what’s great in Bainbridge:

Or Have Some/All of the meal catered:


The Games:

While the great American pastime might be baseball, Thanksgiving is a no-holds-barred day of football glory. Catch all the games and don’t miss a beat with the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day Gamecenter:

If you have enough active people in attendance, it might be a great idea to get a game of touch football going! Make sure to stretch beforehand, and remember: the point is to have fun.

This is an excellent way to tire out the kids, and helps justify the huge meal you’re all about to have!


The Conversation:

At the table is one of the best times to catch up on the latest happenings in our loved ones’ lives. Sometimes there’s even a happy announcement or a surprise revelation. The best way to make sure it’s enjoyable is to keep it light, energetic, and as positive as it can be. Don’t be afraid to change the subject or look on the bright side if you see things going down that path. Enjoy the time you have together.


The Great Indoors:

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You work hard year-round, and especially as your gearing up for the holidays. You should be able to enjoy your home and time with family. Let us help make sure that your system doesn’t get in the way of that!

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