Trim Your Utility Costs This Summer

April 29, 2013

Sweltering summers are the norm here in South Georgia, and that means your average air conditioner has to deal with a heavy workload from May through September. The bad news is that unless you take steps to keep your energy consumption in check, you’ll be faced with five months’ worth of hefty utility bills. The good news? There are several ways to save money on summer cooling costs without sacrificing one bit of comfort.

First, schedule an air conditioning tune-up. If it’s been a while since your cooling equipment was serviced, your system won’t be running at peak efficiency. That means it will have to work longer and harder to keep your home cool, which will send utility bills skyward. For a comparatively small investment in a professional tune-up, your air conditioner will run stronger, smoother and more efficiently. That alone can take a big bite out of your electricity bill while preventing costly breakdowns and promoting a longer lifespan for your air conditioner.

If you’re not sure whether your current cooling equipment is up to the task this summer, now is the time to invest in new, high-efficiency climate control technologies. One of the best ways to achieve sustained energy savings year in and year out is to change out your old climate control system for a heat pump. The South Georgia climate is ideal for heat pump technology, and these systems provide both effective cooling and heating by extracting warm air from one location and moving it to another. In summer, heat pumps draw warm air out of your home and expel it to the outdoors, and in winter, they extract thermal energy from the outdoor air and pump it inside to warm things up.

If you’re interested in converting to heat pump climate control technology, it’s essential that you have an HVAC technician conduct a thorough engineering analysis of your home. Various factors contribute to the performance of a heat pump system, including:

  • The condition of your ductwork
  • The size and layout of your home
  • The quality of the installation

Each of these factors must be optimized to get peak performance from your new home heating and cooling equipment.

Finally, use these tips to save even more energy:

  • Install a programmable thermostat and create cooling schedules based on home occupancy patterns.
  • Close all of your home’s windows when you’re running your air conditioner.
  • Invest in heat-busting window treatments, like blackout drapes, to keep the sun out.
  • Convert to a zoning system if you have a multi-story home. This will help you “spot-cool” only in the areas that need it.

At Harrell King, we’re here to help South Georgia homeowners stay cool while saving money. To schedule your air conditioner’s seasonal tune-up, arrange for an HVAC engineering analysis of your home, or inquire about our energy-efficient home cooling technologies, contact our home comfort specialists today!

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