Furnace Maintenance in Southwest Georgia

Do you need to schedule your annual furnace maintenance?  If so, contact Harrell King Heating & Air today! Furnace maintenance is an essential part of preparing for the winter heating season.

Contact us to schedule your annual furnace maintenance in southwest Georgia. Harrell King is proud to serve the Thomasville, GA area and provide a range of furnace services.



Why Maintenance Is Essential

Having maintenance performed on your furnace is similar to changing your car’s oil. You wouldn’t neglect to get your oil changed, would you? Annual furnace maintenance can help you stay safe and save money! Here are some of the specific reasons why furnace maintenance is essential:

  • Helps keep you safe. Your family’s safety is very important, so this item alone makes furnace maintenance a no-brainer in our humble opinion. It is best to have a professional make sure your system is functioning correctly to prevent any gas leaks or elevated carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Ensures proper airflow. Restricted airflow leads to reduced efficiency and unnecessary strain on your furnace. Proper airflow does the opposite, enhancing the efficiency of your furnace!
  • Reduces the need for repairs. It’d be impossible for us to tell you all of the small things we’ve noticed when performing maintenance that would have turned into big problems. Fortunately, things are simpler (and less expensive) when they are caught and fixed early on. By having one of our trained professionals perform maintenance on your furnace, you reduce the chance that you’ll need repairs later in the winter.
  • Optimizes furnace efficiency. Overall, the tasks that our highly trained technicians will perform during maintenance will help increase the efficiency of your furnace, which can lead to savings on your energy bill.
  • Increases furnace lifespan. We all know this principle is true: if you take care of something it will last longer. Of course, the same goes for your furnace! If you keep it well maintained (minimizing repairs and increasing efficiency), your furnace’s lifespan should be significantly increased.
  • Can maintain warranty. It is common for manufacturers’ warranties to stipulate that the warranty is voided if you do NOT have annual maintenance performed. A voided warranty can mean money down the drain, which is a huge bummer (to say the least!).

Annual maintenance is an important and proactive step in keeping your furnace operating smoothly throughout the winter. Plus, it can help you save money in both the short and long term. Furnace maintenance is simple but has significant ramifications. You do not want to wait until the first chilly night of winter to realize that your furnace may not be functioning properly. Don’t hesitate to call us today if you need maintenance in the Thomasville, GA area.

We also perform a range of furnace services in addition to maintenance, like installation, repair, and 24/7 emergency service. You’ll have someone you can depend on should any problems arise with your system. And if you love saving money, check out the Crown Savings Membership.


Contact Harrell King for Your Annual Furnace Maintenance in the Thomasville, GA area

For more than 30 years, Harrell King has provided high quality heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services that our neighbors in Southwest Georgia can depend on. Delivering incomparable service that’s rare in our industry, our family-owned company is honest, fair, and client-focused.

When you choose to work with Harrell King, you can expect:

  • Prompt arrivals from respectful, uniformed technicians
  • Well-maintained, fully-stocked vehicles
  • Competitive pricing tailored to your budget
  • Industry-leading HVAC brands and equipment
  • 100% satisfaction

To schedule service or to speak to a Harrell King team member, call 229-243-8040 or contact our Southwest Georgia HVAC specialists online now!

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