Whole-Home Ventilation Systems in Thomasville, GA

When it comes to whole-home ventilation, you should accept nothing but the best. If your home’s air quality isn’t up to par, your health will suffer and your energy bills will increase. Inefficient home heating and cooling systems might even lead to the creation of mildew and mold that amplify your allergies and induce breathing problems.

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What Is a Whole-Home Ventilation System?

Tap into the power of whole-home ventilation and you will enjoy a steady flow of clean air that is dispersed in a uniform manner. Such a ventilation system forces stale and compromised air out of your living space and collects fresh air for intake. Ventilation maintenance has the potential to preserve your health as well as your finances. The homes constructed in the past 20 years are quite tight compared to those built in the years prior. As a result, these newly erected homes permit heightened energy efficiency. The other side of this coin is that tight homes hinder the free exchange of air. As a result, the air within the home is often stuck in place.

You and your loved ones deserve better than stale, dirty air. Let our team install a whole-home ventilation system in your living space and you’ll greatly reduce the odds of airborne sickness, asthma and the worsening of your allergies. You deserve only the freshest and cleanest air possible. If your home lacks a comprehensive ventilation system, your health will inevitably suffer. This is especially true for those cold winter months and the blazing hot Georgia summers. Have our HVAC experts implement a whole-home ventilation system and you won’t hesitate to stay indoors when it is extremely hot or cold outside. This is the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Types of Whole-Home Ventilation Systems

There are important differences between home ventilation systems. Supply systems are unique in that they pressurize the living space and permit incredibly easy control. They dehumidify outdoor air before it is transmitted to the living space. Supply systems also filter out dust and pollen so your family can breathe indoor air without worrying about whether it will aggravate their allergies. Furthermore, supply systems are quite popular because they guard against the back-drafting of carbon monoxide. Though some have criticized this style of whole-home ventilation system for inducing moisture issues in especially cold climates, Georgia homeowners will have no worries as our area has comparably mild temperatures.

If you are on the prowl for a whole-home ventilation system that is comparably cheap to install and operate, look no further than exhaust systems. This system depressurizes the home, takes little time to install and functions especially well when the temperatures drop during the winter.

Energy recovery systems ventilate your home while conserving energy. These systems cost a bit more than other whole-home ventilation technologies yet they pay off in the long run through decreased cooling and heating costs. Lean on our experienced contractors to perform a proper installation of this comparably complicated whole-home ventilation system and you’ll rest easy knowing you are breathing in the cleanest possible air.

If you prefer a whole-home ventilation system that does not impact your home’s pressure, let our team install a balanced system. It sends equal amounts of air in and out and works to perfection regardless of the season.

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