Whole-House Air Filters in Southwest Georgia

Dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spore—if you’re like the vast majority of homeowners in Thomasville, you’ve got a pretty big problem with these in your home. Whether you know it or not! Studies performed by the EPA have determined that indoor air carries all of the pollutants and contaminants of outdoor air, however, in your home that air is far and away more dense with them.

Superior air quality solutions have become critical to your health and the health of your home, and at Harrell King Heating & Air, we take that need very seriously. When you need an effective, no-mess means of improving the air quality of your home, you can rely on our whole-house air filtration systems!

Learn more about the air quality of your home by scheduling an indoor air quality consultation with Harrell King in Southwest Georgia today!


What Is a Whole-House Air Filtration System?

A whole-house system utilizes HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters; filters designed to trap 99.97% of the junk and mess that is commonly found in indoor air. To be qualified with the name HEPA, a filter has to be able to meet this percentage in regards to any particle that stands at 0.3-micron in diameter, and, of course, our systems certainly meet this standard!

Whole-house air filters are integrated directly into your existing HVAC system, where they can effectively treat the air that is circulated in your home through the ducts.


The Benefits of a Whole-House Air Filter

We’re happy to report that an air filtration system will bring you:

  • An appreciable reduction in allergy symptoms. Allergy sufferers in Georgia can attest to the fact that we deal with a lot of allergens in our air. They can also appreciate the benefits of an air filter, as it can help reduce symptoms and complications caused by them drastically.
  • Improved respiratory health. We breathe in loads of dirty, nasty air on a routine basis. And unfortunately, a lot of that actually happens right in the comfort of our homes. Air filtration systems can control and reduce common symptoms of poor air quality, including frequent headaches, lethargy, coughing and sneezing among others.
  • Mold control. You might not know it, but mold spore is actually present in everyday air. In fact, it is very present. This can present a risk of infestation in your home, which can of course be a really big problem. Filters help with this drastically, preventing most infestations before they even start.
  • Better smelling air. Air that is free of dust, dander, and smoke is just cleaner smelling, and overall easier on the nostrils. If you wrestle with a musty-smelling home, air filtration is just the solution for you!
  • Better HVAC efficiency. Improving your air quality can have monetary benefits, too. Freeing your HVAC system from small particles promotes healthier air flow, which can improve energy-efficiency and reduce the risks of some breakdowns.

Whole-House Air Filtration Solutions in the Thomasville, GA Area

Our certified indoor air specialists have been handling air quality solutions and services for years. We carry all of the best technology and tools needed to ensure you get the best for your home or business; and we have the training needed to apply it perfectly! When you’re looking to improve your home’s air quality in Southwest Georgia, no one can do it like Harrell King.

Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions, or to speak with our air quality experts about what system will suit your needs best!


Why Choose Harrell King?

For more than 30 years, Harrell King Heating & Air has provided high quality heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services that our neighbors in Southwest Georgia can depend on. Delivering incomparable service that’s rare in our industry, our family-owned company is honest, fair and client-focused.

When you choose to work with Harrell King Heating & Air, you can expect:

  • Prompt arrivals from respectful, uniformed technicians
  • Well-maintained, fully-stocked vehicles
  • Competitive pricing tailored to your budget
  • Industry-leading HVAC brands & equipment
  • 100% satisfaction

To schedule service or to speak to a Harrell King team member, call 229-495-6050 or contact our Southwest Georgia HVAC specialists online now!

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