Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces: Which Is Best for My Georgia Home?

November 27, 2017

Are you choosing a new heating system? The decision is very important, especially since we’re talking about keeping your home warm! There are also important functional and financial factors to consider as well. Before we break down the differences between heat pumps and furnaces, let’s specify two important things.

First, while we hope this will be a resource for many, we’re writing primarily for those in our service area of Southwest Georgia (Thomasville, GA, and the surrounding areas). This is important because one of the main considerations in choosing a furnace or heat pump is the climate of your geographical region. Heat pumps are usually not an ideal choice for areas with frigid winters (when it stays below freezing for an extended period of time). In fact, they are designed for the climate in southern states. That means they’re a viable option Thomasville area (but probably wouldn’t be in Maine).

Second, all the options described here are viable options. Which one is “best” really depends on your individual comfort needs. With all that in mind, let’s break it down!

If you’re located near Bainbridge, GA, our HVAC experts at Harrell King Heating & Air perform installations, repairs, and maintenance on heat pumps and the three kinds of furnaces covered here. Contact us if you need help deciding between a heat pump or a furnace today!

Heat Pumps


High efficiency modern AC-heater unit, energy save solution on backyardHeat pumps are similar to an air conditioner that runs in reverse; they absorb warm air and transfer it inside your house. Again, they are designed for southern states with more mild climates (like Southwest Georgia). Heat pumps do not require any fossil fuels, so they are purely electrical. Since they do not require fossil fuels or generate heat (they simply transfer heat), they are more efficient and environmentally friendly than other heating systems. However, due to the cost of electricity, they can cost more to operate than some types of furnaces.

Another bonus: Heat pumps are both a heating system and an air conditioning system. In the warmer months, they can function as an air conditioner, absorbing cool air and transferring it inside. With a heat pump, you just need one system for both heating and cooling.


Harrell King Heating & Air installs, repairs, and performs maintenance on three different types of furnaces. In general, furnaces generate heat and then circulate that heat throughout a house. The primary functional distinction between the different types of furnaces is the energy source they use to generate heat.

Natural Gas Furnaces

One of the main benefits of a natural gas furnace is that the cost of natural gas is significantly lower and more stable than oil. The installation cost is more expensive than other heating systems, but because of the lower cost of natural gas, you can expect to save more money over time. It’s also worth noting that natural gas furnaces produce less heat per BTU than oil furnaces.

Oil Furnaces

There are a few pros to using an oil furnace. Oil furnaces produce more heat per BTU than other furnaces, keeping you warmer during the cold months of winter. They also tend to last longer and use less fuel than other furnaces. However, it is important to point out that oil costs can fluctuate significantly and that you would need an oil storage tank on your property if you choose an oil furnace.

Electric Furnaces

A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

Electric furnaces can be an appealing choice for several reasons. Electricity is more readily available than oil or gas. Electricity is also more environmentally friendly since it is a renewable energy source. Yes, electricity can cost more when comparing energy units, but electric furnaces are more efficient overall when you consider the long run. They run using less energy overall, so you save money on heating costs over time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different factors to consider, like installation cost, cost over time, lifespan, environmental impact, and heat per BTU. Again, there is not really a standard “right” choice, especially because the choice all depends on your budget and needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions on what might be the right choice for you. Harrell King Heating & Air installs (and repairs and maintains) all of the heating systems described in this post in Thomasville, GA, and the surrounding areas. Don’t let a budget issue stand in the way, either. We offer financing options with Synchrony Bank.

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